Fundraising . . .

The Art of Auction
Our auction fundraising option allows you to buy a ceramic piece from our studio--common picks are pitchers, vases, cookie jars, ceramic tile trays, tile coffee tables, nightstands, and even mirrors. Your group or school class "sponsors" the item by painting it. For example, you could paint each child's name on the piece as well as their grade and teacher!

At your next auction event or school function, auction off the fired & glazed ceramic piece at a higher price.

The Great Tile Wall
Fun program that raises a lot of money for your school and looks great!
ï Color Me Mine sells tiles to your organization at a reduced price. You sell the tiles to your school parents, friends and families at an increased price. Your organization keeps the profit! Families who have bought the tiles paint them with our underglazes ñ weíll help with this part. We will glaze and fire the tiles. Your tile contractor installs the tiles on a wall at your facility.
ï With a tile wall ìfunî-raiser kids and parents can paint ceramic tiles together that become a permanent part of their school. The tile wall tells the story of the families participating and it communicates the life and vitality of your school. The tile wall can become an ongoing project, to be added to every few years if you wish.

Paint For Profit
We put the FUN into Fundraising!
We have a new way to help you raise money and have some fun and it doesnít cost you a dimeÖHost a paint-your-own night at Color Me Mine & weíll donate 50% of all sales from your party to your organization!

Who We Are:
If you havenít visited yet, Color Me Mine is a friendly place where you can create your own artwork on the pottery piece of your choice. There are over 400 different styles of pottery in stock & we always have seasonal/holiday items to choose from as well! All of the paints & glazes are non-toxic, lead free & are food-safe. Prices range from $10 to $50 with a studio fee of $10 for adults & $6 for kids.

The Basics:
Invite your closest friends & supporters to a Sunday evening ìPaint-Your-Own Pottery Partyî from 6-9pm. While at your party your guests socialize, enjoy the food & drink you have provided for them, paint their own pottery & make Your Organization some money!

How it works:
ï You must provide a 501(c)3 letter from the IRS to qualify to receive the donation.
ï You set the date with Color Me Mine & send out the invitations
ï Your guests pay our regular rates on the bisque items & studio fees.
ï You bring in any food or drink you like to ìthemeî your party.
ï When your last guest has checked out weíll tally up the sales & write you a check for half!

Keep in mind:
ï You may want to gear your party to adults as they typically paint more expensive pieces & their studio fees are higher.
ï Theme your party so that planning is easier & more fun! For a tropical night you could serve rum punch & hand out leis. The possibilities are endlessÖValentineís, Luau, Karaoke, you name it! Tie this event in with another fundraiser (like a raffle) & you could really bring home the bacon!

*Fine Print
ï A minimum of 15 painters is required for the event.
ï 15% staffing charge & all taxes deducted from the total before the 50/50 split.
ï 50/50 split applies only to Bisque Sales & Studio Fees.
ï Cash, Credit & Debit cards are the only forms of acceptable payment; Coupons & Gift Certificates are not accepted for payment from your guests.

How do you sign up? You meet the qualifications & are ready to party. Call us at Color Me Mine & weíll get your group scheduled!

Gift Card Sales
We'll sell our $25 Gift Certificates to you for $20 (minimum purchase of 20 gift cards) and you sell them for their face value. You keep 20% of the proceeds so you make $100 for every 20 you sell!

FUNdraising Programs for Everyone
We love being involved in our community, so don't hesitate to call us today--we'll find the right FUNdraising option for you.

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